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DOUBLE OAK Fine Wines ~ October 2019

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2012 Zinfandel

2012 Merlot

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Double Oak Vineyards & Winery is located 15 miles north of Nevada City in Nevada County, California. We are in the Sierra Nevada mountains at an elevation of 2500 feet. We are in the higher elevation range of the "Sierra Foothills" appellation.

Double Oak fine wines display the intensity of mountain grown fruit, full-bodied yet well balanced and complex. Our wines complement any occasion for fine wine. They are a food that creates a synergy with other foods and promotes conviviality. Double Oak wines are accessible when first released, and their well-structured tannins allow them to bottle age with grace and finesse. Our red wines have been barrel aged for 23 months and bottle aged for six months before release, making them the ultimate slow food.

The high quality of Double Oak wine stems from many elements, including location (terroir) and our sustainable wine farming and winemaking practices. We have been growing wine grapes since 1982 on nine acres of mountain vineyards. With the maturing of our vineyards, the vines have deepened their roots and gained more complex flavors. We believe it’s all about balance and harmony with nature. The song of the birds and the flight of the dragonfly inspire us as we grow our grapes and make our wine. Double Oak is dedicated to sustainable and nature-friendly practices from the vineyard to the winery.

Double Oak's handcrafted fine wines are made from estate grown, fully ripened, handharvested fruit. An ideal sugar/acid balance is produced by the long ripening time. Growing in granitic loam soil through warm autumn days and cool nights, our fruit ripens to a marvelous intensity with full flavors. Our climate, with its mountain influence (the cool night air in summertime flows down to us from the higher elevations) and its Pacific maritime influence (weather patterns moving through the Golden Gate and continuing northeasterly toward the northern Sierras), gives us a long slow ripening season.

When the sugars and flavors are just right, our grapes are harvested by hand early in the day. The red grape varietals are first destemmed and then moved to small open-top fermenters. During fermentation the cap of the fermenting grapes is punched down twice daily by hand to extract the colors and flavors. After two to three weeks of fermentation and maceration, the young wine is pressed out and moved to small oak barrels for 22 months in order to complete fermentation and barrel age. We use Minnesota oak barrels, chosen for the tight grain of the northern latitude oak. Our chardonnay grapes are pressed immediately after being destemmed and the juice is fermented sur lie in a mix of oak and stainless steel barrels to achieve more complex flavors.

For Double Oak winemaker, Bob Hilsman, expressing Double Oak’s mountain terroir is elemental. Bob’s winemaking style is to guide but not control, to manage but not manipulate.



Available at the Winery & by Order

2013 Zinfandel
Rich fruit flavors of cherries, strawberries & plums. Rich mouthfeel with a long finish.
Aged in oak barrels for 26 months. ~ Bronze Medal (Amador Wine Competition.)

Available at the Winery & by Order

2017 Chardonnay
Classic Chardonnay aromas and tastes with a long finish. Fermented & aged sur lie in oak barrels.

2017 Dry Rosé   
Classic dry rosé. Excellent as an aperitif or food companion. Lively, crisp, refreshing. Aromas & flavors of raspberry and peach. Created by the true rosé method: gently pressing whole bunches of zinfandel followed by a long, cool fermentation, preserving fruity flavors & floral aromas. An especially refreshing wine!  ~ Gold Medal (El Dorado County Fair); Silver (Amador County Fair); Bronze Medal (California State Fair)

2012 Zinfandel
Aromas and flavors of plums, cherries & black pepper. Good mouth feel with a long finish. Aged in oak barrels for 26 months. Well balanced w/ a subtle complexity. Pairs well with many foods. ~ Silver Medal (Amador Wine Competition); Bronze (Pac Rim International, El Dorado, & Calaveras Wine Competitions).
$13/bottle ~ October sale price: $9.99

2012 Merlot
A classic Bordeaux blend of 85% merlot & 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. Round & smooth. Aromas & flavors of cherries, berries, & black pepper. ~ Bronze Medal (Amador Wine Competition)
$14/bottle ~ October sale price: $9.99

Cabernet Sauvignon

A Bordeaux blend: 92% Cab Sauv, 7% Merlot & 1% Cab Franc. Flavors of dark cherries & black pepper. Smooth with well balanced tannins. Aged in oak barrels for 23 months.
~ Bronze medals (Pac Rim & El Dorado)
$14/bottle ~ October sale price: $9.99

2014 Late Harvest Zinfandel
A sweet and succulent dessert wine created from rich, full-bodied Zinfandel grapes. Extra hang time enhanced flavors & sweetness. Aged in oak barrels for 20 months. 7% residual sugar. Sleek legs. Enticing aromas and finish. Dark chocolate with notes of black cherries. Velvety flavors that linger. 500mL

Available at the Winery, Select Restaurants & by Order

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
A Bordeaux blend: 92% Cab Sauv, 7% Merlot & 1% Cab Franc. Aged in oak barrels for 23 months. Flavors of olives with hints of chocolate and tobacco. Smooth and balanced with well integrated tannins. ~ Gold Medal (Calaveras County Fair); Silver (New World International, Pacific Rim, Orange County Wine Society, El Dorado & Amador County Fairs); Bronze (CA State Fair & West Coast Wine Competition).


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ORDERING DOUBLE OAK WINE for Yourself &/or to Gift

Double Oak wine is easy to order and delivery is fast and efficient.
      ~ Double Oak wine makes a fine gift for friends, family,and business associates.
      ~ Give us a call, 530-292-3235, and place your order by phone
      ~ Minimum order: 1 Case


There is FAST SHIPPING by UPS Ground
Double Oak is only shipping within California.

Shipping Rates ~ UPS     2 bottles /3-4 b /6pack /cs12
CA                                       $15         $18       $21       $26



To Sample Double Oak Wines in Nevada City, Grass Valley or Auburn: there are several wine tasting venues, restaurants and markets.

Many markets in Nevada City, Grass Valley, San Juan Ridge, Auburn, Colfax, Newcastle, Penn Valley/Lake Wildwood, and Yuba City carry Double Oak fine wine.

For more information about specific markets, go to "Where Can You Find Double Oak Fine Wine?" (See side bar for the link.)


How wine is stored in transit and in place very important in preserving its quality. Yes, wine can improve with age, but improper storage and handlling can ruin it. Wine is a living food. Think proper wine storage from day one. How was the wine stored where you purchased it? How did you care for it on the way home? (All it takes is being in a hot car for a short time for wine to “cook”. Bring along an insulated container for transporting your wine.)

Fall and Spring are very good times to have wine shipped, because the temperatures are so moderate. October through early December and March through May are good times of the year to have Double Oak wine shipped to you. In autumn and spring, the daytime and nighttime temperatures are relatively mild and moderate, neither too high nor too low, thus avoiding dramatic temperature swings. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold lead to deterioration of wine quality. This particulary matters in areas where the summers get very hot and the winters very cold.

How will you store your wine at home? You will need a dark place, since exposure to light leads to deterioration. Avoid dramatic temperature swings. Temperatures too hot lead to rapid deterioration. Too cold, with freezing and expanding, pushes out the cork. For long-term storage, try for even temperatures in the 50’s and low 60’s. If you’re not storing your wine in a place with temperature controls, be sure the wine storage area is well insulated. If at all possible, the storage area shouldn’t exceed 70 degrees in summer or drop below 50 degrees in winter. (For short-term storage, the maximum temperature reached by the wine should be 77 degrees.) Also, if the wine is to be stored for more than a few weeks, place the bottles of wine on their side or upside down, ensuring that the cork will not dry out. Too much oxygen can get through a dry cork and harm the quality of the wine. (On the other hand, the very small amounts of oxygen which comes through the natural cork helps wine to age well.) 

Wine stored at Double Oak: Given the excellent storage conditions of our winery, Double Oak wine is kept in conditions that allow it to mature and age well, awaiting your enjoyment.



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