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  ~ The 34th harvest for Double Oak Vineyards ~
~ The 23rd vintage for Double Oak Winery
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NEWS & EVENTS ~ October ~ 2019 


Double Oak Fine Wines have done well in wine competitions!

News ~ Both Present & Past ~ Many photos help tell the story


Double Oak Winery Tasting Room ~ Final Weekend ~ October 5 & 6
Saturday, October 5: 11 - 5 ~  Sunday, October 6: 1-5

The weekend of October 5 & 6 will be the last weekend that the Tasting Room at Double Oak will be open.

For the rest of October: we will be selling wine directly to customers by case volume only.
    ~ by the case volume (including a "mixed" case)
    ~ by orders placed by phone (530-292-3235) or email.
    ~ then picked up @ a scheduled time or shipped within California
Wine Club discounts still apply.

Double Oak wines will be available also at several local stores.

Click here for a list and description of Double Oak fine wines, special sales, shipping & discount information, and for information about the Double Oak Wine Club.


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Award Winning Wines
Double Oak Wines have done very well in wine competitions.  


The 2016 Chardonnay scored very high in the 2018 California State Fair Wine Competitions! 

The California  State Fair awarded the 2016 Double Oak Chardonnay with Double Gold Medal (with the very high score: 99 of 100); Best of Class of Varietal & Best of Region-White.



2016 Chardonny  Double Gold Medal_CA St Fair 


The California State Fair has awarded the 2016 Double Oak ChardonnayThe California  State Fair just awarded the 2016 Double Oak Chardonnay with Double Gold Medal (with the very high scoreL 99 of 100); Best of Class of Varietal & Best of Region-White.




The California  State Fair just awarded the 2016 Double Oak Chardonnay with Double Gold Medal (with the very high scoreL 99 of 100); Best of Class of Varietal & Best of Region-White.



Awards that currently available delicious Double Oak fine wines have won:
2016 Chardonnay:  CA State Fair: Double Gold Medal, Best of Class of Varietal & Best of Region-White; Gold (Calaveras County Fair); Silver (El Dorado County Fair); Bronze (Pacific Rim).
2016 Rosé: Silver Medal (Calaveras County Fair); Bronze Medal (El Dorado County Fair)
2012 Zinfandel: Silver Medal (Amador); Bronze (Pac Rim International), El Dorado, & Calaveras).
2012 Merlot: Bronze medals (Amador County Fair).
2011 Cab Sauvignon: Bronze medals ((Pac Rim Internat'l) & El Dorado County Fair).
2009 Cab Sauvignon: Gold (Calaveras0; Silver (New World International, Pacific Rim, Orange County Wine Society, El Dorado & Amador County Fairs); and Bronze Medals
(CA State Fair & West Coast Wine Competitions).

These delicious, award winning wines are available for tasting and purchase at the Double Oak tasting room. Past award winning Double Oak wines that are no longer available are not listed here.

All these wines are also available at several markets in the local area. To see the list, go to the Wines Page and click on "Where You Can Find Double Oak Fine Wines":

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To give a gift of double oak fine wine:
      ~ Visit the winery & choose wine and other gifts. 
      ~ Order delicious Double Oak fine wine as a gift.
      ~ Order a Wine Gift Certificate.
      ~ Gift a Double Oak Wine Club Membership.

Visit the Wines page for particular information about wine gifting.


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The 2018 harvest, Double Oak's 33rd harvest, was great!
   The crop was bountifu and beautifull! The grapes were all fully ripe, with just the right balance of sugar, acidity and phenolic flavors.

Ripe Fruit ~ Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes ready for harvest.  

    RipeChardonnayGrapes       RipeCabernetGrapes

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Below are a few photos from Double Oak Harvest Open Houses.

Happy wine tasters & craft vendor   Happy Wine Toasters
Above left: guests enjoying wine tasting and visiting & in the background a craftperson showing her creations to an interested fan. 
Above right: wine tasters toasting & in background a wine tasting station.

    Guests & vendors in winery       Guests discussing wine at Tasting Room bar 
Above left: a view into the winery with craftpersons and their crafts, a Double Oak wine tasting station and guests enjoying themselves.
   Above right: Guests discussing wine with the winemaker and enjoying the fine offerings.                                                                           

    OpenHouse_Artists in Breezeway   OpenHouse_ View into winery_ crafts and wine
Above left: the winery breezeway with artists and their artwork, and guests who are enjoying the fine offerings.
Above right: a view into the winery with craftpersons and their crafts, a Double Oak wine tasting station and guests enjoying themselves.


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Below are some photos of past Double Oak harvests:

Wonderful Harvesters! Here are a few photos of some of our hard working and cheerful harvesters. They are filling tubsHarvesters at Double Oak filling tubs; We were very grateful for their help! 

HarvestersAtDblOak     HarvestersAtDblOak  Harvester   

Skilled and hardworking vineyard boss Bob and his assistant ~ These pictures show: Bob on the tractor in the Merlot. with his assistant loading tubs of grapes into the bin on the back of the tractor that Bob is driving.

 Bob on tractor in Merlot             Bryan loading tubs of grapes into bin; Bob on tractor.

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WinterTime in the Vineyards ~
The vineyard floor becomes green and abundant with the cover crop we have planted and encouraged. This cover crop adds to the tilth of the vineyard, provides a place for the beneficial insects to live until the grapevines are again in leaf, and also provides nitrogen for the vines. 
   The grapevines themselves go dormant from the time of autumn leaf fall to spring bud break. Being dormant means that the vines are asleep with minimal metabolic activity. The vines' have a reserve of carbohydrates which act like a biological antifreeze. The more carb reserves the vines have stored the better prepared they are for avoiding winter stress. Good vine management helps the vines have sufficient reserves to get them through winter dormancy. Double Oak pays careful attention to building up the soil by "green" techniques and to vine training, pruning and thinning.

Bob cane pruning

Winter is pruning time in the vineyards.
This picture shows Bob cane pruning / training.
    Double Oak vineyard pruning begins in early January.
This very time consuming task takes several months in the winter season. All the pruning is done by hand. The task involves training as well as pruning. Our 3 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon are all "cane pruned", which requires yearly training along with pruning. The other 6 acres of grapes, Zinfandel, Merlot and Chardonnay, are "cordon trained, spur pruned". The cordon training happens in the first few years of vine growth, while the spur pruning is done every year.
    As the final step in the pruning process, we pull the prunings into the area between the rows, where they get chopped up in the first mowing of spring and eventually return to the soil, further increasing the tilth of the vineyard floor.

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Getting Ready for Harvest ~

Bottling wine ~ Out of barrels and into bottles. Making room for the new vintage. Wine that has been barrel aging for almost two years is bottled. At Double Oak, the red wines age for about 23 months in oak barrels before being bottled. The Chardonnay and Dry Rosé spend slightly less than a year in the winery fermenting and aging in barrels and a small tank before they are bottled.
BottlingWineBeforeHarvest_1  BottlingWineBeforeHarvest_2

Preparing equipment for harvest ~ The photo on the left shows Bob making sure the press is in working order as well as clean. The photo on the right shows cleaned tubs for the harvest drying after being cleaned.

  Bob prepping the press        CleanTubsReadyForHarvest        


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DOUBLE OAK AWARDS ~ Double Oak fine wines have won many awards
Double Oak Wine Awards

To view what awards currently available Double Oak wines have won, click here  and visit the Wines page.
   All these delicious, award winning wines are available for tasting and purchase at the Double Oak tasting room every Saturday from 11am - 5pm.



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Double Oak Out & About      

  Ginny&BobAtTasteTheBest          Bob & daughter Lisa At Uncorked

The photo on the left shows Bob and Ginny at the CA State Fair event Taste the Best which celebrates the wines and wineries winning awards in the State Fair Wine Competition.
   The photo at the right shows Bob and daughter Lisa pouring wine at the annual Nevada City wine event Uncorked.


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Double Oak at Double Oak



~ Some Images from Past Events at Double Oak ~ 

Visitors enjoying the beautiful setting of decades old vineyards.

  DblOakLisaPouringWine   HappyTastersAtDblOak

Visitors savoring delicious wine and food pairings while they toured the winery

 Serious winetasters at Double Oak      FineFoodTastesAtDblOak       Crostinis_withTapanade     

and vineyards. Visitors quizzing the winegrower/winemaker Bob Hilsman and

BobTalkingWineToVisitorsAtDblOak          BobTalkingGrapegrowingWithGuests 
learning about Double Oak's sustainable, nature-friendly winegrowing and winemaking.


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InstallationOfSolarPanelsAtDblOakEstate Grown & Produced Energy ~
Double Oak is very pleased with the photovoltaic system we installed in 2009. This 4 kw clean energy system is providing approximately 95% of the electrical needs at Double Oak. While we are already energy efficient, the solar system moved Double Oak into being a producer of electricity. Even when machinery and a well pump are running, as long as that summer sun is shining, we are able to supply a surplus of green, clean energy, sending electric power back into the grid.
We are glad we put our personal energy into building this very worthwhile system.

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In the Winery ~ Preparations for New Vintage
well organized winery at Double Oak
This photo shows our well organized winery with case goods on the left and barrels in various stages of use. Far back on the left are barrels of red wine aging. We barrel age red wine for two years before bottlig. In the center at the back is this year's Chardonnay fermenting in both oak and stainless barrels. On the right in the foreground are barrels filled with water to swell and seal them, getting them ready to receive more red wine for barrel aging; that wine is fermenting in the tanks that are out on the crushpad, just outside the roll-up door in the background. Winemaker Bob and his assistant Bryan keep all these many processes and activities well organized and the equipment and winery clean and in good condition.

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We look forward to your visit on our .

Wishing you very Happy Days!

Bob & Ginny Hilsman

Double Oak Vineyards & Winery

At Double Oak we produce outstanding fine wine
from our nine acres of deeply rooted mountain vineyards.

We believe it’s all about balance and harmony with nature.
Expressing terroir is elemental for Double Oak.



Ginny Hilsman

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